What you can do

*Get informed – read our resources about fracking.

*Subscribe to our newsletter – so that you can stay informed and be notified as soon as any planning applications are submitted. Sign up here.

*Make contact with a local group – find your nearest here. Or email info@frackfreesomerset.org to see if they know anyone in your area. Otherwise start your own in your town or village.

*Support Frack Free Somerset – we can strengthen our efforts by working together. We are always in need of support with research, graphic design, website editing, press work and more. Whatever your skills, use them to keep Somerset fracking free. Contact us or join the working group email list here.

*Organise a film showing or public meeting – screen Frack Free Somerset’s feature length documentary The Truth Behind the Das for Gas in your village or town. Someone from Frack Free Somerset would be happy to talk and answer queries.

*Write to your local council – to express your concerns, be that Parish, District or County Council. They need to understand that their residents (and ultimately voters) are very concerned about fracking and its potential harm. Find all the information & addresses here.

*Write letters to the editor & utilise the media – Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Are you friends with a local journalist? Positive accurate media to offset corporate and industry propaganda is an important way to communicate the dangers of fracking.

*Donate or fundraise – Frack Free Somerset is a recently launched grassroots campaign. We are always in need of financial support to print leaflets and materials needed for awareness-raising work in Somerset. Click here for how to donate.

*Spread the word – tells your friends, family & contacts about fracking and the risk it poses locally. Direct your friends to this website to learn more.