News round-up

The UK’s longest-running anti-fracking camp, Upton Community Protection Camp, faces eviction during the Paris Climate talks.

Anti-fracking activist and grandfather, Gayzer Frackman, started a hunger strike opposite Downing Street on 23 November 2015 to protest about fracking and gas storage in Blackpool.

Here is our response to the government’s 14th round of licenses in Somerset and Wiltshire.

Bianca Jagger commissioned a report on human rights and fracking. Here is a link to theĀ synopsis. The full report from the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment is available to download.

Know your rights

Human rights and fracking booklet is an important resource for activists, prepared by the London law firm, Bindmans.

Fracking hype
Seems there is a lot of hype about how much gas can actually be drilled…. and there is far less than the British government assumes is possible to get out of the ground…the Post Carbon Institute has published a report and multiple related resources calling into question the production statistics touted by promoters of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).
By calculating the production numbers on a well-by-well basis for shale gas and tight oil fields throughout the U.S., Post Carbon concludes that the future of fracking is not nearly as bright as industry cheerleaders suggest. The report, “Drilling Deeper: A Reality Check on U.S. Government Forecasts for a Lasting Tight Oil & Shale Gas Boom,” authored by Post Carbon fellow J. David Hughes, updates an earlier report he authored for Post Carbon in 2012.
Hughes analyzed the production statistics for seven tight oil basins and seven gas basins, which account for 88-percent and 89-percent of current shale gas production.


Posted on: November 7, 2014