Free webinar: Extreme energy and the democratic deficit

7pm on Thursday 3 July:

Extreme energy and the democratic deficit: how we can stop capitalism from fracking the world

Speakers are Maria Montinaro, Falkirk Against Unconventional Gas
Dr Damien Short, director Human Rights Consortium and member of the Extreme Energy Initiative
Penny Cole, environment editor, A World to Win

Followed by open facilitated discussion.

Paste this url into your web browser and follow the instructions to take part:


You can join the webinar from 6.45pm.

• Cameron is changing trespass law so frackers can drill under your house
• The Scottish government is letting fracking companies decide their own “buffer zones”
• Planning law has been reframed so people have no say in what happens in their area
• Public money is being poured into bribes and corporate tax breaks.

People all over the UK are fighting this concerted attack on their democratic rights and are opposing the ecological nightmare that fracking represents.

The webinar is part of the “People’s Inquiry into our future beyond capitalism”

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Posted on: June 25, 2014