EU Greens speak at Balcombe

FFS was invited by No FiBs- Balcombe to join a meeting in their small Bramble village hall on Sunday 19th to hear Jose Bove and Rebecca Harms (members of the EU Green party) speak on Fracking; and how to fight it, and the EU and how we can use it. Best part for me was to hear that Cameron ISN’T the all-powerful being he has been hailed ( and that the EU wasn’t ready to pass regulation on Fracking at this stage anyway. What Jose told us is that we need to USE the EU recommendations (to be published on 22nd January 2014) as a tool. He also said: “If you are not afraid you can do very big things”. Rebecca spoke of her fight against nuclear and reminded us that Hinkley C and Fracking are equally sinister enemies of a clean future and that we must always speak of what we are FOR as well as against.

After the short meeting, we went to the site and joined about 250 more folk for a gorgeously sunny and joyful rally.

written by Alex from Frome.

Posted on: January 20, 2014