Request for support from Romania

Pungesti, Vaslui county, Romania
International Call for Help & Action

#humanrights #stopgazedesist

This morning, shortly before 6 AM, 45 vehicles, including police vans and heavy machinery, arrived in the Resistance Camp in Pungesti. Less than 90 people were in the camp and they were completely isolated. The riot police blocked the road and erected fences around the people in the camp, despite the fact that the camp was on private property! The riot police beat up people, restricted the access for members of the press and refused to make public statement, justifying their intervention. The people in the camp were peaceful. 7 people were taken to the police station without justification and the people in the village were not allowed to leave their yard, as the village is under martial law. Two people were transported to the hospital. One of them was hit by a riot police officer.

The Resistance Camp in Pungesti came into being after Chevron first tried to bring its heavy machinery into the area at the beginning of October in order to start the exploitation of shale gas despite massive opposition from the side of the community! The people protested and Chevron representatives came out in public to declare that all activity will be suspended until the people are safe and informed. Nothing has happened since then, only constant intimidation, threatening of the local community, some people were deprived of their social assistance and others were harassed constantly! #humanrights #stopfracturare

Posted on: December 2, 2013