Mendip District Council fracking motion unanimously adopted

On Monday 30th September a fracking motion was unanimously adopted by Mendip District Council.

Mendip District Council resolve to:

“Request the leader of the council and the Chief executive to formally register the concerns of the council regarding the use of unconventional gas exploration and extraction within the Mendip district, and neighbouring areas, with the Department of Energy and Climate change and to inform the DECC that this council would not currently be in a position to support this form of development.”

Take heart all of you, our actions are not going unnoticed and not unlike water dripping on a rock, after time, we make an impression. Councillor Adam Boyden initiated a motion against Fracking some months back and eventually, after hard graft and negotiation with other council members – (representing a cross party motion) presented it to the full council meeting on Monday the 30th of September.

Seven members of the public spoke against Fracking and in support of the six point motion which after two hours of presentations and discussion was passed – unanimously!!

Mr Boyden told us it was thanks to us for having raised awareness of the subject to such an extent that it couldn’t be ignored by those whose job it is to represent us.

A cross-party working group of Mendip Councillors is being set up to implement the resolution of the Motion.

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Posted on: October 1, 2013