Statement from No Fracking in Balcombe Society

The people of Balcombe call upon Nick Clegg and all Lib Dem MPs, party members and supporters throughout the UK to examine their consciences and their policies and stand up against the Tories on the issue of fracking. We ask you to stand firm against an explosion of exploration for on-shore oil and gas in this beautiful land that the Liberal Democratic party has always sworn to protect.

We thank Lib Dem President Tim Farron for his honest opposition to fracking. In a private conversation, Ed Davey has voiced similar views and offered advice to our cause. The time for revolt is NOW.

The Environment Agency apparently swept aside nearly 900 representations from the public in the recent mining waste permit consultation, approving Cuadrilla’s application within three days, despite the arrival of hundreds of public comments, many of them long and detailed, in the last hours of the consultation period.

We quote from an article in yesterday’s Guardian online:

‘Planning authorities have been banned from considering whether renewable energy plants would be a better fit for their communities, if they receive an application for a fracking mine.

‘Documents released by the government stress that local authorities should instead recognise that “mineral extraction is essential to local and national economies”. This is despite a Department for Communities and Local Government document highlighting 16 environmental risks linked to the process, including seismic shocks and the appearance of radioactive surface water.’

Mr. Clegg, we call upon you now to defend the liberty and democracy of your electorate. At the next election, we shall not forget.


Posted on: August 5, 2013