Fancy Reclaiming the Power this August?

No Dash for Gas and friends are running an action camp at West Burton Power Station from the 16th August this year.

So Bristol Rising Tide are hosting an hour of short films and discussion in the cool of the Arts House basement on Stokes Croft at 7.30 on Tues 30th July for anyone interested in finding out more.

Reclaim the Power will be a 4 day extravaganza of workshops and direct action to challenge the new dash for gas and the culture of corporate power. Grassroots environment groups, anti-austerity campaigners and everyone who thinks we need to take back both our political power and our energy system are warmly invited. See

Why no dash for gas?
In December last year, the Government announced plans to approve the building of 30 new gas-fired power stations. Last week they also announced large tax incentives for fracking to provide fuel for these stations. These plans rip up the Government’s own legally binding commitments to reduce carbon emissions and will make us even more dependent on fossil fuels in 2030 than we are now. This is a bit of a worry because;

Gas isn’t green– Gas is a fossil fuel; when it burns it releases carbon, just like oil and coal. These new power stations will be allowed to emit nine times the carbon limit recommended by the Government’s own Committee on Climate Change.

Gas isn’t cheap- The cost of gas has increased household bills by 90% in 5 years. To meet the energy challenge that we face, we need the interests of ordinary people and the environment to drive the decisions, instead of allowing fat cats and shareholders to call the shots

Gas isn’t fair – Soaring energy bills are forcing millions of people into fuel poverty in austerity Britain. Meanwhile, the Big Six energy companies are currently under investigation for rigging gas prices to fraudulently boost their profits.

The Bristol evening
Will feature the latest comedy video update from the failed £5 million pound injunction against No Dash For Gas, a beautiful set of interviews with people about their first experiences of going on a similar camp, and a brief presentation about why West Burton is a great target for Climate Justice activism.

If you’ve not gone to a similar protest before and want a basic introduction, or have been involved with climate activism for years and just want an update on why Reclaim the Power will rock, we hope to answer your questions and give you a taste of what should be a fun, fierce, camping trip.

Posted on: July 25, 2013