More than 90 people attend public meeting in Ston Easton

Over 90 people attended a public meeting in Ston Easton last night to learn more about unconventional gas developments in Somerset.

Ston Easton village was announced by company UK Methane as a potential drilling location at a public debate in Bath in March.

Local people described “seeing nothing like it” in the village for the past 16 years with the number of people that attended.

Attendees listened to Dr Lloyd-Davies from national group, Frack Off, give a presentation on the technologies and impacts recorded worldwide. Independent local applied geologist, Gareth Thomas, also spoke from his extensive awareness of local geology and huge concern about the risks of even drilling test wells. Local people also heard from Australian primary school teacher, Carly Phillips, who spoke of the harm she had witnessed in her community in New South Wales caused by the Coal Seam Gas industry. She also inspired the room with stories of community resistance that involved diverse members of the community from farmers to environmentalists.

Presentations and notes from the evening will be uploaded shortly.

Posted on: May 1, 2013