Demand Energy Equality Workshops

Demand Energy Equality are offering workshops on DIY Solar Panel Building:
DIY Solar Panel Building is designed for those who:
  • Want to build DIY solar PV panels from reused materials.
  • Want the ability to build DIY solar arrays for off-grid systems.
  • Have attended the Off-grid 12V Systems course and want to take their learning further.

It is a one-day training course, in groups of up to ten people. It will usually run from 9:30-5, including 45min for lunch. You will learn:

  • The electrical basics: current, voltage, resistance, power, series and parallel circuits.
  • How to build DIY solar PV panels.
  • How to test, understand and connect together your solar panels.
  • Time permitting, how to test, understand and use 12V batteries with your panels, and how to power appliances.
  • Information about the energy dilemma in the UK and possible future solutions.

You will be provided with all the materials you need to build your own 80W panel to take away. 12V batteries at affordable prices will also be available for purchase on the day.

Solar cells for future panel building and additional 12V batteries will be available to purchase at affordable prices.

The cost for one participant is £120. The next workshop is on Saturday 18th May, in Bristol. All profits go towards funding our social aims.

‘Very friendly and approachable course facilitators, very open and friendly atmosphere’

‘…the people and the potential for exciting things’

‘I thought the workshop was great – really enjoyed the day and felt very satisfied at building something useful’

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Posted on: April 29, 2013