Videos from meeting in Keynsham – Coalbed Methane VS Renewable Energy

Coalbed Methane VS Renewable Energy — The people of Keynsham – You decide!

Part 1 – Sam Willits reads the minutes of the meeting that took place between Transition Keynsham & UK Methane‘s geologist Mr Oliver Taylor and director Mr Gerwyn Williams.

We had requested to use UK Methane’s presentation slides but they refused on the grounds of commercially sensitive material in the slideshow.

>>Transition Keynsham meets UK Methane Slideshow Presentation<<

Part 2a – Laura Corfield presents the concerns and threats of Coalbed Methane & Fracking and what it could mean for our community in Keynsham and across the Somerset region.

>>Coalbed Methane & Fracking – Concerns and Threats Slideshow <<

Part 3 – The Sky is Pink documentary by Josh Fox (creator of ‘Gasland‘). Focusing on the false trust we have in ’concrete’ as the material that will stop the contamination of our water sources and also the use of marketing and media by the oil and gas industry to make the sky pink and believe things are safe when they are not.

Part 4 – Sam Willits & Mark Penny of Transition Keynsham’s Energy Group present viable renewable energy alternatives and opportunities for the Keynsham area. That could produce energy for homes/businesses in Keynsham in a way that makes money for the community as well as not polluting 0ur environment as opposed to the consequences of coalbed methane and fracking.

>>Transition Keynsham Energy Group’s Renewable Alternatives & Opportunities Slideshow<<

Part 5 – Nicholas Stubbs presents Hinton Organic’s plans for an anaerobic digestor at their site at the top of Keynsham. Their digester will take organic material and use anaerobic digestion to create heat, gas that could be used to heat and power homes and businesses whilst also producing fertile compost for our farmland.

>>Hinton Organic’s Anaerobic Digester Presentation<<

Part 6 – Dave Laming from the River Avon Corridor Group talks about their plans to regenerate the River Avon, opening the river back up as a means of low-impact transport for people and materials, the production of renewable energy and a whole host of other social enterprise opportunities. Unfortunately our video camera battery died just before Dave finished his speech – which is a real shame as he ended on a very inspirational note!

Posted on: November 12, 2012