Letter template to B&NES Council & Keynsham Town Council

Use the template below to write a letter to Bath & North East Somerset Council and Keynsham Town Council in response to UK Methane’s application.



I’ve just signed the following petition addressed to: B&NES Counil and Keynsham Town Council.

Oppose UK Methane’s planning application for test drill for Coalbed Methane

– This is the first attempt of an Oil & Gas company to submit a planning application for test drilling in the South West of the UK. We should show them NOW that there is strong resistence.

– If we don’t nip it in the bud now then there is the real possibility that it will spread across the region.

– Isn’t it only a ‘test drill’……Their plans are not going to stop at one drill. If they went into full production they would want to coat the countryside in wells: http://theinformalreview.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/aerial-view-csg-mining.jpg).
This is only the beginning…..

– There is a LINK between planning and investment in the industry.
At the moment these small companies need to put in planning applications to the county council for their tests sites. Their aim is to prove that the whole process in viable, with the hope of being able to sell to a much larger corporation – who will have the money to undertake full scale development. Then the large corporation will put in one application to the Major Infrastructure Planning Unit – part of central government for a whole area and that point there is little chance of any local input at all.

– So fighting these test sites NOW is very important, while there is scope for local opposition to count for something.

•For more information about Coalbed Methane please visit http://frack-off.org.uk/coal-bed-methane-the-evil-twin-of-shale-gas/ & http://lockthegate.org.au/csg-facts/csg-factsheet.cfm



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