UK government suppressed damaging fracking report until after crucial Lancashire vote The British government deliberately withheld the release of a damaging fracking report to prevent local councillors from scrutinising it ahead of a crucial voteON SHALE GAS drilling, according to […]

Victoria Banning Fracking For Good

The Andrews Labor Government today introduced legislation to permanently ban fracking in Victoria, protecting our agricultural sector and giving certainty to regional communities.

Fossil fuel divestment soars in UK universities

    The number of British universities divesting from fossil fuels has leaped to 43, a quarter of the total. The surge means the UK leads the world in campus […]

Rockefellers give Exxon Mobil lashing over the environment  

Frack Free Activists visit Weston-super-Mare

This Saturday (29th October) a bunch of hardy activists visited the popular seaside town of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset in order to raise awareness of the threat to this area […]

Another great article from George Monbiot

Rural Tourism in England Enquiry – Response Guidelines   Rural Tourism in England Enquiry – Response Guidelines PEDL Licence areas across the north of England In a hurry? If so, just click on this link and follow […]

We need to demonstrate we have alternatives to fossil fuels

MUNITY ENERGY TO THE RESCUE – Local choices, global effects A public event, Friday 2nd September, 7 – 9.30pm Renewable energy is making rapid strides. Many households now have their […]

Fracking report goes missing

According to a letter published in the Guardian yesterday by Dr Robin Russell-Jones, a report from the UK Climate Change Committee on Fracking which was promised by end of May […]

Total gives up fracking plans in Denmark

Encouraging news from the other side of the North Sea!  As a result of poor initial drilling results and strong public resistance, oil giant Total have given up plans to […]