Inclusivity and Anti-fascist Statement

Frack Free Somerset is committed to challenging all intolerant behaviour within our coalition. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals who openly espouse extreme right wing political ideologies, or who casually/covertly sympathise/support said ideologies.

Over the last year or so, there have been incidents of fascists attempting to infiltrate anti-fracking protection camps. Fascist organisations have also produced anti-fracking rhetoric in an attempt to garner mainstream political respectability.

Frack Free Somerset will not tolerate our hard work being corrupted by these individuals and groups.  Our movement will not be used as a platform through which fascists can spread their hate. We are here to protect the communities and landscapes of Somerset from fracking.

At the root of extreme energy is the crisis of neo-liberal capitalism. Fascism has historically been another tool by which the capitalist system strengthens itself. Fascism divides communities against themselves, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation. The situation with fracking is no different. A community divided along racial lines is vulnerable. A community united through common cause is not.

This is why Frack Free Somerset will actively oppose fascist elements that attempt to hijack our coalition. United communities are our best hope for defeating state, corporation and drill. Fascism divides – when to win, we must unite.