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July 20, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - July 21, 2017 @ 4:00 pm


This to let you know that as part of the effort to turn back Cuadrilla and stop fracking in Lancashire this summer, folks in Bristol have organised a coach to go to the mass demonstration at the Preston New Road site on July 21st. We will be setting off from Bristol Temple Meads at 2pm on Thursday July 20th, camping overnight at the solidarity camp down the road from the frack pad, gathering at the gates at 8am for an effective protest (currently the presence of 100 people shuts down work for the day), a roadside sit down banquet of locally produced food and small roving workshops on everything from Propagation for Kids to a Brief History of Land Rights.  We will return from the site at 4pm on the Friday. We expect to be back in Bristol for 10pm.

The full details are below and I would like to cordially invite you to join the fun, and request that you share the invite with your networks and perhaps even consider coordinating travel to and from the coach pick up point.

There is a facebook event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/234875427009007

And the full invite which it’d great to send on to any contacts you have is here:

Pull Up Fracking Before It Takes Root

Let’s get out on the streets, keep the Tories under the cosh and fossil fuels under ground this July!

Reclaim the Power have been organising to support communities in Lancashire resisting Cuadrilla and the Conservative Government’s attempts to frack their countryside for the past 6 years. Now with the company inching closer to production in the teeth of fierce opposition a month of Rolling Resistance has been called: https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/fracking/

The fracking industry has always leaned heavily on the national Tory government to override local objections and now with the new political landscape this support looks shaky and likely to be toppled by a well timed and powerful intervention. We are mobilising people to attend the mass demo on Friday 21 July and will be running a coach up to Blackpool from Bristol and Stroud for folks from the south west to get up north and help pull up the fracking industry before it takes root. The full invite for the day itself is at the bottom of this email.

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW! To do this you need to buy a ticket through the crowdfunder page, and email us to reserve your seat.

We will leave Bristol on Thursday 20 July at 2pm in the afternoon and stay at the nearby Camp of New Hope overnight. You will need your camping gear! If for whatever reason you cannot camp please get in touch. There is a limited supply of more comfortable digs (beds, under a roof) available for those who need them. We’ll set off back to Bristol at 4pm on the Friday and expect to be back by 10pm.

We hope finances won’t stop anyone attending but need contributions to cover the cost of the coach hire. They are as follows:

Low income £12 each way / £24 return

Waged £15 each way / £30 return

Solidarity £20 each way / £40 return

If this is not possible for you then please get in touch directly and we’ll work something out.

To book your place please pay the requested amount on the crowdfunding page here:https://www.youcaring.com/frackfightingcommunities-845798


Email bristolcoordination@gmail.com confirming the name you used on the crowdfunding page and which legs of the journey you need.

Solidarity and sunshine


Bristol Rising Tide



Food Growers Against Fracking

A day of family-friendly action against the contamination of the countryside.


Friday 21st July

What’s going on?

This July people from all around the UK are converging on Blackpool to support those resisting the first UK attempt to extract fracked gas on a commercial scale. Lancashire is billed as ‘the Texas of England’.  What happens there will inform whether the industrialisation of the countryside for gas extraction is rolled out or pulled back.

So as part of a month of protests, there’s going to be day of mass demonstration for anyone who grows (or eats) food.

Showing up really will make a difference. Currently just the presence of more than 100 people at the entrance to the construction site shuts work for the day.

Protests by local groups have already slowed work by several months at the site. France, Bulgaria, Scotland and Germany all have fracking bans in place. There’s every reason to believe we can win on this.

What’s fracking got to do with farming?

The fracking industry is threatening widespread pollution while billing itself as the farmer’s friend. Much has been made of the potential reduction in the price of nitrogen fertiliser produced from fracked gas. After earlier claims that fracking would bring down fuel bills were discredited, the contentious ‘benefit’ of boosting nitrogen fertiliser production is one that’s still being touted.

Yet the industry’s international legacy to date is the permanent contamination of fertile land and critical water supplies. Livestock are often the first to suffer the impacts of air and water pollution, and the standard response to the devastation of herds is denial rather than compensation.

Fracking will generate hundreds of extra lorry movements on rural roads every day and requires putting thousands of acres under concrete.

As a fossil fuel with a tendency towards dangerous methane leaks it would also push us into runaway climate change.

Lancashire county council voted against the scheme, but were overuled by Whitehall – a move that the Tory Party Manifesto is trying to formalise as standard, by deeming fracking ‘permitted developement’: local councils will have no say and no warning. With over 8,300 square miles currently under licence across the UK, few farms or plots are safe.

What can I expect at the protest?

Work at the fracking pad starts at 8:00am, so we’re asking those that can to arrive the night before, on Thursday 20th. There’ll be camping by donation, food and music as well as the delights of Blackpool pleasure beach. Please get in touch with Reclaim the Power if you have access needs – hearing loops, large print information, local beds to stay in and wheelchair access will be available.

On Friday activities will run from 8am – 4pm and include a roadside sit down lunch banquet of locally produced food (wear your finest overalls) a stall space to sell produce and small roving workshops on everything from Propagation for Kids to a Brief History of Land Rights.

If you’re interested in coming along and are based in the West Country, coach transport will be available. Please email bristolcoordination@gmail.com to book your place as soon as possible before the end of June.

Let’s pull up the fracking industry before it takes root.


July 20, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
July 21, 2017 @ 4:00 pm


Reclaim The Power