Frack Free Somerset are keeping a sharp eye on the Government’s energy policy proposals.

April 2022 Update

Frack Free Somerset are keeping a sharp eye on the Government’s energy policy proposals.
Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and we will not tolerate the use of war as an excuse to delay clean energy solutions.

We are concerned that UK residents are being misled into believing that fracked gas can play its part in easing the energy crisis. It cannot.

The British Government’s fracking moratorium was implemented for reasons that are just as valid now, as they were in 2019.

Any gas produced in the UK will be subject to global market pricing and available for export.

If we want lower energy bills, and a planet that can support life, the UK needs to invest in insulating buildings and maximising the use of genuine renewable energy, such as tidal, wave, wind and solar.

It is time to support fossil free community energy generation initiatives, instead of paying £2 million a day in so-called “green” subsidies to power stations which burn forests (such as Drax in Yorkshire) or spend obscene amounts of money for harmful ‘new nuclear.’

A spokesperson from Frack Free Somerset said:

“Fracking groups across the country are rising up, we are prepared, we are ready, and we will oppose any attempt to frack our beautiful British Isles. We stand in solidarity with fellow activists in Lancashire who are today keeping their eye on Cuadrilla’s activities at Preston New Road in Lancashire.”

Tina-Louise Rothery from Frack Free Lancashire said:
“If the Government thinks the Police Crime and Sentencing Bill will deter anti-fracking groups from protesting, they are deluded.”


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Notes for editors
The British Isles do not have the same kind of shale as found in the US. Areas earmarked for Fracking are too highly populated.
Fracked gas would be too low in volume to provide more than a few hours of gas.
The small amount of fracking that has occurred in the UK led to seismic events.

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Posted on: April 4, 2022