We need to demonstrate we have alternatives to fossil fuels

MUNITY ENERGY TO THE RESCUE – Local choices, global effects

A public event, Friday 2nd September, 7 – 9.30pm


Renewable energy is making rapid strides. Many households now have their own solar PV, but most renewables are installed and owned by large, distant companies. Challenging this, community energy initiatives are now springing up in many places. They ensure local choices and local control, and allow our towns and villages to reap the financial and employment benefits. Is this the key to decarbonising the UK and accelerating renewable energy?

This public event, as part of the Radical Technology conference held in Queens Road, will bring together leading pioneers and practitioners to discuss technology, finance and practical action. Their short presentations will be followed by general discussion.

Herbert Girardet, film maker, author, consultant; chair

member of the Club of Rome and the World Future Council; former chair of the Schumacher Society, Bristol

Preben Maegaard, renewable energy pioneer, Denmark

chairperson, World Council for Renewable Energy; Director emeritus, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, World Wind Energy Association and EUROSOLAR

Andrew Clarke, CEO, The Resilience Centre, Lydney, Gloucestershire

initiator of the St. Briavels and Alvington community wind farms in Gloucestershire

Wendy Stephenson, director, The Converging World, Bristol

which invests in cooperative wind energy and eco-restoration projects in India

Adam Twine, Westmill Farm, Oxfordshire

organic farmer and founder-director of Westmill solar and wind cooperatives

Peter Head, CBE, civil and structural engineer, London

multi-award winning champion of community based sustainable development

Andy O’Brien, founder-director, Bristol Energy Cooperative


Posted on: August 22, 2016