Protectors Travelling Fund

Donate towards court costs of Balcombe activists & more

I am Frances Leader, Treasurer at Balcombe Community Protection Camp during the summer of 2013. I am retired and devote my entire time to campaigning for a Frack Free Planet. Contributions to this Campaign will assist our Protectors to travel to & from our present & future Camp sites, attend Court & cover their personal hardships as they defend our country against this dubious fossil fuel extraction method. We need to maintain a strong presence at every potential fracking site & convince our Government to think again about continuing to force its Corporate agenda on the British people. We want a green & sustainable future for our planet, we want renewable energy that does not pollute our water, air and land. We want this for ourselves, our children & all other lifeforms that share our precious planet and we want it NOW. Even if you cannot help us financially you can help us enormously by telling everyone about our campaign & why we MUST keep trying to stop this fracking nightmare from spreading sickness & misery around the world. Thank you for reading my plea.

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Posted on: February 11, 2014