The Warriors Call Morrigan Encampment Wales

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Wales is under massive threat from the fracking industry. It is vitally important that the whole pagan community mobilises in response.

Heed the Warrior’s Call by gathering on an organic farm in Carmarthenshire, for a weekend of Direct Action training and magickal ritual – all washed down with a generous side portion of music, merriment and good old fashioned pagan passion!

Morrigan Encampments are a vibrant synthesis of environmental activism and pagan spirituality. Come along and:

* Learn about the current fracking situation in Wales.

* Network with fellow pagan warriors in your area.

* Prepare to defend the land against fracking with action training and group discussion.

This encampment is the first such Warrior’s Call event planned for 2014. But as the year progresses, more shall be held across Albion. We believe that the only way to stop fracking, is to empower those affected by it to stand up and resist directly. Only through community led resistance (like ‘Lock the Gate’ in Australia) can we save these lands from ecological and social devastation.

These encampments are (and shall be) crafted by all involved. So if you have a workshop you want to contribute, or simply wish to help put up the structures, then please contact us.

Day admission is free. Camping is £5 per night per tent or caravan, self-catering, but there is an onsite café. A limited number of camping permits and food tickets are available in exchange for work. If you plan to camp, please email us at Payment on the day is also acceptable.

Eisteddfoddau, live musicians, fireside storytelling and the sweat lodge aside, here are a few examples of what’s being planned (subject to change):

“What the frack is fracking?” – An introductory talk on fracking and the situation in South Wales.

“Community is the only way!” – The first half of ‘Community is the only way!’ is a talk about the highly successful community based ‘Lock the Gate’ campaign in Australia, and how a similar model of grassroots community resistance applied here offers the best chance of protecting the land from fracking.

The second half is a workshop teaching methods of direct community mobilisation – e.g. how to set up local groups, making websites, leaflet design, community surveys, promotion, meeting facilitation, consensus decision making and blockade planning, to name but a few subjects covered.

“Direct Action Training.” – This workshop does exactly what it says on the tin. The Friday and Saturday afternoons will be solid with action roleplays, front-line simulations, group discussions and tactical training – allowing people to safely gain important knowledge (both physical and mental) before venturing out onto the front line. There is also talk of possible Saxon shield wall training – although, as of yet, this has not been confirmed.

“United we stand. Divided we…” – A talk about the Warrior’s Call and our aspiration to create a network of pagan warrior fractivists across Albion. A network grounded in deep pagan spirituality, that also supports, and fully integrates into, the pre-existing anti-fracking campaign here. As the title of the talk states – United we stand. Divided we…

“Battle Magick” – The first half of this activity is a talk given by a young(ish) anarchist pagan, about the magickal practice he developed to compliment his activism. His experimental form of ‘Battle Magick’ was created whilst fighting in front-line radical struggles both here and abroad.

This is a highly personalised system of reflexive magickal intuition, created through necessity and designed to help out in dangerous situations. It does this by, amongst other things, assisting in focusing and grounding ones psychological state whilst working in heavy, adrenaline-hazed circumstances – the kind of times when if you’re not focused, bad things can happen.

The second half is a workshop that builds on the previous talk, in which you will learn how to contact and properly use your magickal fetch whilst out on action.

Like the sound of this? Then stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page.

Posted on: January 12, 2014