French activists occupy drilling platform

French activists have occupied a Hess Oil drilling platform in Jouarre, near Paris.

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Sending solidarity to the French Rig Climbers (the page translates)

“French activists have occupied a Hess Oil drilling platform in Jouarre, near Paris

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21/09/2013. Since 6:53 this morning, 30 people occupy oil rig Little Brush Jouarre (Seine-et-Marne). We climbed the rig, we are chained, have unfurled banners and intend to stay there. By this decisive action, we wish to draw the attention of the public and media on the farce unfolding before our eyes and we refuse to be turkeys.

The platform is occupied that the company states unienne HESS Oil, the company that last year made several preparatory drilling permits on oil exploration officially declared on shale oil [1] . It is common knowledge that oil shale is impossible to remove without resorting to fracturing and today only the hydraulic fracturing technique presents the profitability conditions satisfactory to the oil.

Why HESS Oil advance its work while a law (Act No. 2011-835 of 13 July 2011) forbids him to take action? Why she seeks the oil that could not exploit? Difficult to imagine an industrial undertake these expensive operations (12 million drill, several tens of millions of euros per license) without waiting for a possible return on investment. So why? Speculation? Or leaders HESS Oil are so sure that the ban will be lifted as let fear Priority Question of Constitutionality filed by Texas companion Schuepbach seeking to invalidate the law of 13 July (the decision of the Constitutional Council will made early October)? They hope, too, that by lobbying, a miracle would make the dangers of hydraulic fracturing “socially acceptable” until the damage irreversible begin to appear?

Drilled sites are ready for further operations. Having completed Jouarre the HH300 drill the COFOR (a subsidiary of Vinci), used by HESS Oil and designed for drilling in shale, leave on another platform, probably that of Fonteney de Bossery (10 Aube) site that offers a breathtaking view of the nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine, less than 110 km from Paris, along the Seine.

While this drill, for now, we keep it. To highlight the ongoing farce. To remind the President Hollande – who declared that there would be no exploration of unconventional hydrocarbons in France – to keep his word. For the Environmental Conference in price is not a new intentions catalog. Demanding an end to exploratory drilling for gas and oil shale, coal and heavy oil, the repeal of all permits research on these hydrocarbons, the rejection of all permit applications currently being instruction, the abandonment of all similar projects and a firm commitment to a real energy and environmental transition.

Because the continuation of this work is a clear evidence of broken promises; because petroleum gas lobbies are committed to advancing in the exploration and exploitation of energy sources “extreme” in France, in total disregard of the refusal of the population to defend our water and our air, our health the beauty of our landscape, ecological and alternative worldview governed by other dreams profit: NO TO OIL SHALE OR COAL OR TODAY OR TOMORROW OR HERE OR ELSEWHERE

Posted on: September 23, 2013