Protest at DRAX AGM against bio-mass conversion

Please support a protest Biofuelwatch are organising outside the Drax AGM in London on the 24th of April 2012. (precise time and location to be confirmed – watch the website)

Biofuelwatch is calling for a protest which focusses on Drax’s plans to convert half of their power station capacity to burning (mainly imported) wood. These plans will almost certainly result in devastating habitat destruction, exacerbate human rights abuses in the Global South, and accelerate catastrophic climate change. Read more about Drax’s plans and the impacts of them here:

Drax is not converting half of its capacity to biomass because it wants to save the planet. It is doing this so that it can meet EU sulphur dioxide (SO2) air quality regulations, and thus keep its polluting coal power station running long into the future.

Drax has lobbied hard for government subsidies on burning biomass and will profit very handsomely from them, to the tune of £672m per year. These subsidies are paid for by ordinary energy users in a levy on their already crippling electricity bills. They stand to gain nothing from it and the planet stands to lose.

Both coal and large-scale biomass are devastating ways of generating electricity. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change what we really need is a major reduction in energy use. We also need investment in energy efficiency and support for genuine renewable energy such as sustainable wind and solar power.

So join us at the Drax AGM in April, to protest against their plans to become the biggest consumer of biomass in Europe.

And participate in our e-alert to tell Lord Smith, chair of the Green Investment Bank (GIB), to stop the GIB funding big biomass. The GIB has already pledged a £100 million loan facility to Drax to convert, and we want them to stop doing this.

What can you do to help?

1. Lend your organisation’s name to our call to action at the Drax AGM. We will publish the name of your organisation on our website in order to show Drax and the government how many of us feel strongly about this issue. Please email us to confirm whether your organisation is happy to do this.

2. Come and take DRAXtic Action at the Drax AGM on the 24th of April and help topread the word about the protest. Please visit

3. Help us raise awareness by hosting our “DRAXtic Action” button on your website.

4. Help spread the word about our e-alert by sending a letter to Lord Smith chair of the Green Bank. You can do this here:

5. Please let us know if you can help to distribute any publicity materials such as fliers and posters.

To get in contact with us about any of the above and more, please do not hesitate to email:

For general background about coal-to-biomass conversions, please see:

Posted on: March 9, 2013