Group to start in Chew Magna to respond to Fracking Threat

A new group has formed following a public meeting that took place in Chew Magna on Monday 11th February in response to fracking risks that threaten the area.

Taking place at the Millennium Hall, concerned locals came together to listen to presentations about unconventional gas developments across the world and the multiple harmful impacts being experienced and recorded.

A representative from national group, Frack Off, spoke about the bigger picture and why Somerset now faces these developments. An organiser from Frack Free Somerset also spoke, informing the room about local community action that had been taking place and how people could get involved. There were abundant questions and answers and nearly everyone present left with a heightened awareness of the impacts of uncoventional gas and extreme energy developments.

Anne Watts from Frack Free Somerset said: “We want every single person living in an area at risk of unconventional gas developments to be fully informed about fracking and coal bed methane extraction. Once fracking takes place contamination of land and water is inevitable. You cannot do it safely.”

“Communities in the United States and Australia are working tirelessly to stop Coal Seam Gas[8] drilling while contending all of the negative impacts on their health, land and communities. We have an option in Somerset to prevent it from starting in the first place.”

A new local group has been formed as a result of the meeting which came out of discussions during the evening when the unanimous feeling was that local action was necessary to raise awareness about fracking and oppose any planning applications submitted. If you are interested in getting involved to help them raise awareness with in Chew Magna please email and we will forward your details.

Posted on: February 12, 2013