New bill will silence local voices


New bill will silence local voices

The new Growth and Infrastructure Bill will allow developers to bypass local authorities in some cases.

Bypassing local councils

Local authorities decide local planning decisions.

But in some “designated” local authorities the Secretary of State has suggested developers have the option to bypass them.

This will undermine local accountability and centralise these planning decisions.

Fast-tracking decisions

The Bill also creates an opportunity for developers to “fast-track” major projects instead of going to the local authority.

This could include developments for warehouses, leisure parks and large onshore gas extraction.

Impact on climate change

Many decisions will have a climate change impact. It’s crucial that the Secretary of State consider these impacts when making planning decisions.

Please email your MP asking them to speak in support of local democracy at the Report Stage of the Bill (17 December 2012).

A Telegraph article about how this might affect fracking here:

Posted on: December 12, 2012