Response from Bristol Water

Below is Bristol Water’s response about Coal Bed Methane extraction in Keynsham. If you are concerned please send letters of enquiry to Wessex Water to express your concern.

26 September 2012

We consider that the technology and risks involved for deep or shallow bed methane extraction is broadly similar, although there is a presumption of a higher environmental risk with shallower formations. We consider the existing Water UK national policy is sufficient to cover the issues of hydrocarbon abstraction in respect of the water industry.

I apologise for not making clear that there are no aquifers in the Keynsham area that we would use or  consider suitable for public water supply.  I tried to indicate in my previous  reply that the water we supply in the Keynsham area originates from the River Severn. We monitor and ensure water provided by our network is fully compliant with drinking water standards. The quality of this water would not be affected by hydrocarbon exploration or production in the area  .

The quantities of water required for hydrocarbon abstraction, while apparently large in domestic terms are, in water supply terms, practically  insignificant. To place the volumes in context, a typical thermal power station daily use is use over 200 times the amount used in drilling for hydrocarbons.

You will need to contact Wessex Water directly to understand their view. Wessex Water does not provide water in the Keynsham area, but they do provide the sewage collection services.

Martin Berry
Water Resources Planning Manager
Bristol Water

Posted on: September 30, 2012