Succesful meeting in Bath

Nearly 50 people attended a meeting in Bath on Monday evening organised by The Co-operative to watch the award-winning film ‘Gasland’ and talk about the threat of fracking to Somerset.

Taking place in The Assembly Rooms, the evening was designed to highlight the potential impact of shale gas extraction in the South West.

The film shown, made by director Josh Fox, highlights the possible environmental implications if shale gas extraction goes ahead. It shows how some residents of Pennsylvania can now set fire to their drinking water and suggests others have suffered serious health consequences due to water contamination from the fracking process.

After the film showing, groups sat together to discuss the implications of fracking in Somerset, which generated many interesting discussions, many centering around energy options in general. The general consensus proved to be that fracking is a dangerous technology without sufficient evidence or transparency to justify its implementation.

Attendees also heard from Councillor Paul Crossley from Bath & North East Somerset Council who talked about the dangers that fracking poses to the Bath Springs.

Overall it was a successful evening, informing a wide range of people about fracking in general and what action they can take for a Frack Free Somerset.

Posted on: May 31, 2012